Spring Time Home Maintenance

Winter is over and spring is in full gear. This means that the sun is finally out and shining, bringing warmer weather and much needed vitamin D. Can you believe we are already half way through spring and almost to the summer season.

But before you start daydreaming about spending days soaking up the sun or lounging in the pool, there is work to be done. Winter can put wear and tear on your mind and body, but it can be even more brutal on your home, so here is a list of home maintenance task that you should get done before summer rolls around.

1. Inspect brick and stone patios and walkways

Extremely cold temperatures, especially when mixed with a little bit of water can cause hard surface to expand and contract, this does not bode well for sidewalks, stone and many hard surfaces. Its a good idea to inspect them during the spring to see if any damage has been done; whether that be cracks or a simple displacement.

You can easily fix this by replacing any cracked stone and uprooting and displaced stones and re-leveling the dirt underneath the displaced stone to get a nice even walkway.

2. Take care of your Lawn

Spring brings about a more green world for us to enjoy. Your lawn may grow but the same can be said for weeds. In order to get rid of the weeds and maintain a nice and healthy lawn, you can utilize methods such as a chemical weed killer. You can see great lawns by taking real estate virtual tours.

Its also a great idea to fertilize your lawn. I recommend doing so only after killing the weeds as fertilizer can also help weeds grow.

3. Check your wooden surfaces

Not only hard surfaces like brick are effected by temperature, wood can easily be warped and twisted by the changing temperatures. Although wood is also elastic so even though it bends it usually wont break. The process of warping might cause the wood to loosen so its a good idea to fasten any displaced pieces of wood. Make sure to check fences gates, paneling and decks

4. Revitalize your garden

Mulch does not only create a great juxtaposition between flower and dirt, but it also helps you prevent weeds at bay. It makes for a beautiful and healthy garden. There are many kinds of mulch to choose from (shredded grass, cocoa mulch, shredded hardwood, straw) just to name a few. Get ideas for your garden with real estate virtual tours.

5. Check your Air Conditioning
Even though spring is all about the outdoors, sometimes the sun shines a little too brightly and temperatures rise a little too high. Make sure to check your a/c system before you need to use it. Change the filter, remove debris from the fan outside (but first turn of the power from the breaker), clean the fins and then straighten the fins. if necessary clean the evaporator coils and clean a plugged evaporator drain. Use these steps to ensure you a/c works great.


Now that the work is done its time to fire up that grill, fill the pool and sit back, relax and waste your day away in the welcomed warmth of spring.


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